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Flip For Fun Intro

Post  Flip For Fun on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:05 am

RS User:Flip For Fun
Combat Level:121.85
Bank Wealth:180m
Amount you are willing to merch with:100m
Merchanting experience?:not much ge clan merch but alot back in 05 days :p
Flipping experience?:im getting verry good at flipping ive went from 55-180m in 1 month
Anything else you want to mention: well i dont no if im suppose to post a intro or not but Razz here it goes

Hello My name is Harsh Pro I am curently a sophmore in high school and i play runescape for fun :
Runescape History/Merchanting History

Ive been playing runescape since christmas of 05. I was like any-other noob I sat in banks talked to people did the whole "following dance"

then one day my friend came up to me in fight pits (which i was addicted to Razz) and showed me full guthans robin set and 30mil cash i was

estsionsed at this because i was once richer then him. I begged and begged untill finally he told me how. he said he merchanted chaos runes so

being how i am i decied ill give it a go it started off a but bumpy at first but then whala! the money started rolling in i had reached my way to

65mil which back in the older days was alot (i belive white phat was 120mil back then) to give u an example of how it was. So after that i

decied heck ill turn this 65mil into 150mil so i deicied to keep merching but then disaster struck soon after my sucess i was scammed 60mil

leaving me with 5mil cash and a whip. So i deiced i was done with chaos so i figured hmm ill merhc whips.

After being scammed for 3 whips i was left with 500k and a whip so i quit. When i came back the ge was out so

i figured merching was dead so i decied to go on my ongoing goal for 85 slayer (currently 78).

then a friend tiped me off about how he made his money called "flipping" so i gave it a go and failed.

so i figured meh whatever back to slayer. then after he reached 4bil he helped me out and told me to try sharks.

it worked i made money over night! so i deiced heck ima do this instead of slayer

so i sold all my gear and gather up my 57mil cash and flipped my heart out

i am now at 180mil and going steady
Thank you for reading Razz
Sincerely Flip For Fun

Flip For Fun

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Post  Zuriel Merch on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:13 pm

Contact me ingame

Zuriel Merch
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