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Post  Nille on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:53 am

RS User: Nille
Combat Level: 138
Bank Wealth: around 160m atm - i just maxed out my account (99 prayer, Overload, 96 sum etc), but I am rebuilding atm.
Amount you are willing to merch with: 150m - I make around 10m+ per day so hopefully i can invest more soon. All i need in my bank is pretty much a whip for pking.
Merchanting experience?: I've merched quite a lot in clans/flipping
Flipping experience?: pretty good, i flipped a lot back in the days, hopefully i will start flipping again when i get 200m+
Any friends already in this clan?: none yet Smile
Anything else you want to mention: I will be a very active member if you accept me. And it won't take me long to regain my bank since i pk all the time which is decent money. Very Happy


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