APRIL 2012 - Hows Everyone Doing?

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APRIL 2012 - Hows Everyone Doing?

Post  Dexter on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:51 am

Chris here, if your reading this, I just want to say hey to all my old mates. Just about everyone, including myself, has moved on to bigger things in life, which is great. I was thinking about the old days these forums came to thought. These were some great times and I thank you all for sharing them with me. I had been reading a couple stories I wrote (Life and Times) and they're very entertaining when I look back, so I would encourage any of you to check them out if you needed a laugh or wanted to reminisce.

Personally, my Spring Break just ended, theres two months left in my school year, next fall I will be in my Junior year, with primary focuses on Football, wrestling, and my advanced placement courses with Calculus, English, and US History. Ive also began speaking decent French.

SO, whats going on with everybody else these days?


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