Sparc Mac's Questionable 8$ Staking Guide

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Sparc Mac's Questionable 8$ Staking Guide

Post  Dexter on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:37 pm

Staking Secrets
I'm going to start off with an overall basis/broad look at things. Staking IS gambling. There is no
question about it. Just remember to keep a level head. It is very easy to get drawn in, which is
why people end up getting cleaned so constantly. I would say don't risk what you don't feel like
losing, but staking is a much different concept compared to Pking. Once you accept that button,
there's no going back. (Considering X-logging has been completely fixed) Which basically
means, people 'could' disconnect themselves if they saw they didn't have a chance of winning.
There is a strategy that I used a long time back, which is something that I had kept to myself
until now. Think about ratios, and your chances of winning. For the most part, if you are using
the same weapons/gear as your opponent in the duel, it's pretty much luck taking over from
there. (Besides your stats) This guide will tell you everything you need to know, risks,
preventions, and effective strategies that will increase your chances at being successful.
The strategy: (Further on everything will come together)
Once again, I HIGHLY suggest you keep this to yourself. If it becomes 'common knowledge' at
the duel arena, I doubt it will keep it's rewarding effect.
This works very well for those at a disadvantage. Meaning you have lesser stats of your
opponent. For example, if you go up to a level 115 and stake them while you're say 105 combat,
they'll have the mindset/stats to 'know' they'll beat you for the most part, possibly thinking they'll
never lose. This is where talk comes into play. You want to act as if you don't know what you're
doing. (Don't overdo it, or it'll be obvious)
But why would I want to stake a higher level?
People will be willing to stake higher than you...ex: My 1m stake for your 4m stake. Which is a
So if you continue to stake this person, you will have to lose 4 stakes to equal the loss of one of
your opponent's stakes. What people don't know.. especially since the release of staking will
bring in MANY newcomers, they'll be willing to do these types of stakes.
Now the talk is completely up to how you want to play the ball game. You could see a nice
h'ween mask on their head and slowly bring them into the place you want them to be. Make
them feel like they'll continue to win and never lose to you. That is the key, but don't overdo it
with talk. Its mainly the staking that will talk for itself, which is your stats at a disadvantage.
Say we'll do a 3x. You can lose up to 3 stakes, before losing the loss of what your opponent
would lose in one. From my experience, it is much more effective than staking on a 1:1 basis.
Who should I be staking?
People will look up your stats. Using this strategy, your opponent will have the upper hand on
you, which is why they're staking more! What they don't know is, eventually you will win. The
multiplier makes up for that, meaning you can win a lot less, but still come out on top. People
won't see this coming, especially if you time your stakes properly. There is no way of knowing
whether or not you're going to win, but taking the risk from time to time could be a very smart

Do NOT use this method on someone that has a ridiculously high amount of levels on you.
Compare each other's stats and make the decision for yourself. It will be different with each
How much should I be staking?
It depends on what you're willing to risk. Take everything else that is mentioned in this guide
into consideration. If you don't mind losing what you had gained for the day, go ahead and
continue to stake! Have fun with it, don't get bent out of shape if you lose your winnings. The
reason for staking is to have fun, to win high amounts of money and items. That's what
everyone wants when they decide to go staking. Don't stake your bank if you don't want to lose
your bank. Everything is vulnerable ESPECIALLY if you're about to put it on the line! I suggest
starting out small until you get a hold on things, (for this strategy at least)
Preventions to not get cleaned/lose everything:
Once again, staking is gambling. Make sure you understand what you're getting into before you
commit. There are quite a few ways to prevent yourself from losing everything in a effective
1. Take a base value out of your bank, for example 5m. See where you can go with this amount.
If you lose it, you're done for the day. If you tell yourself at the start, if I lose this 5m I'm done,
you are DONE! Don't turn around and say.. "oh another 5m won't hurt" it will because you will
continue and chances are the trend will lead you to a place where you don't want to be. Trust
me, you can get to amounts you never thought was possible with a small starting amount. Don't
get overly confident with what you are about to stake. Remember that, every stake is a risk. You
have no protection to whether or not you are going to win.
2. Keeping in mind part 1, set a goal for yourself to make with the initial amount. Let's say you
want to reach 50m with that 5m. Once you hit 50m, put it in a special tab and start out with
another 5m. Just remember, people you are staking don't like "runners" they'll "note" that for
future encounters, and believe it or not the duel arena is a small place. These are just
examples, but it all depends on how you go about making your decisions in the actual scene.
3."ALL OR NOTHING" - Don't have this mindset! It may pay off at times, but for the majority of
the time it will lead to places you don't want to be. Sometimes this will turn out the way you had
planned, but for the most part it isn't worth "playing the game that way".
If you are basing your stakes completely off luck, here's some suggestions. Say you are staying
10m's. You win 3 of those in a row, don't go and do a 30m on the 4th, that's giving your
opponent a chance at grabbing it right back off you.
"Spec On Varieties"
It depends what your opponent is using. I suggest trying your best to have obstacles/move on at
all times so you have a chance to see.
Normally people will use a combination of the following:
*Statius warhammer - Korasi

*Staff of light - continued use afterwards
*Vesta longsword
*Dds - Vesta longsword
If your opponent is using Staff of light, the best combination to counteract with is the "Statius
warhammer-Korasi" If that isn't an option, I suggest using Staff of light as well.
If they're using dds, I'd suggest using the same, although it could place you at a advantage if
you used the Sol.
Reducing the Luck component
Unfortunately there isn't many ways to do this. It really is broken down into two different ways
when staking.
-Your stats over your opponents
Everything else is nothing but mere luck.
I've had experiences where I'd stake someone 5+ times, and every single time, they had pulled
off amazing specs. It's luck, but it depends on how you go about staking.
Quick Tip - Hit and Run method
This may sound very unbelievable but when you hit someone and run, it "raises your defense".
Sort of like blocking yourself. Try it, just make sure to time it right where you're not losing
valuable responding hits.
Even when your stakes are melee based, Obstacles can be to your advantage if used correctly.
Now I can't explain how to do it, but basically your goal is to get your opponent 'stuck' on the
other side of the wall. Practice comes perfect, try it out.
Also, if your opponent is trying to pull the same stunt on you, don't rapidly left click them to
continue attacking. This will lead to misclicks, which could ultimately lose you the stake. Practice
continuously right clicking and attacking their name. If you do it at the right speed, they will not
be able to out-run you.
Wrapping Up
Do not pressure yourself to do bigger stakes. Take it slow, and don't let your opponent make the
decisions for you. At the end of the day, it's your decision to whether or not you are staking. If
they are continuously increasing the stake, don't feel obliged to continue. There are plenty of
fish in the duel arena.


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